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As a family photographer I know how difficult it can be to get naturally expressive photos of your children. It’s one of the skills us family photographers have to develop and it doesn’t always come easy. But what I have learnt is that the photos of the children that are the most expressive  are the ones that make the parents smile and often cry with joy.

So forget about the big cheesy smile and the posing and the heartache of trying to get them to look straight into the camera. Instead, give them something to do and just let the magic happen and I promise you some expressive photos! As a family photographer this is what I love to do.

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

So with this in mind and hoping to get my children to let me take some photos of them before they started the new school year, we spent a crazy afternoon in my newly painted office with the dressing up box. No fancy lighting and only a space of 2m x 2m with just one wall and a window.

Here is my glamorous assistant to show you the space!

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

I used my Nikon D800E and Sigma 35mm 1.4, we had one of the best afternoons of the holiday. What was really wonderful to see was that both my children, who usually can’t bear it when I get my camera out, totally embraced what we were doing and I was loving watching their personalities shine.

So did I get some expressive photos? Well press play on the video below and and you can see for yourself. What I do know is that these photos make me smile, cry and feel totally overwhelmed with happiness that my children are still at an age when they can be totally free and expressive in what they do.


Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos belinda grant photography

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

Suffolk family photographer expressive photos

So sometimes you just need to take all the faff away from trying to get an amazing photograph and just go with it. I promise you, they’ll be the photos that you’ll love the most.

How to get expressive photos of your children?

  • Don’t force it. Relax and the magic will happen.

Capture their expressions of today as they’ll be lost tomorrow.

So here is a video of my favourite shots from that afternoon with my children –


‘One wall and a window’.

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