If you’re considering how to  make your business stand out from your competitors, then it’s a really smart move to work with me to create a film for you.


  • Google LOVES film as it recognises how long a visitor is on your site and signals your site has good content.
  • Film appeals to mobile users.
  • 90% of consumers  watch films on their mobile.
  • Youtube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% per year!!
  • Film marketing explains everything about your business
  • Film engages even the laziest of buyers as it’s super easy to consume.
  • Film captures a wider audience
  • Film encourages social share
  • Film builds trust with your clients.
  • 83% of businesses say film provides good return on investment.
  • A film on your website can make you some serious money…………..increase conversions by 80%.


Can you tell I’m passionate about creating  films for business owners!!! So if you’re ready to get some serious interest in your business and break away from your competition, we can have a chat about how I can help you: 

Below are examples of films I’ve made for  award winning photographers who’ve made the smart move to include film in their marketing.  Here I’ve created  ‘behind the scenes’ films tailor- made to each photographer:


We will have plenty of time to discuss all your creative ideas for your film and create a ‘storyboard’ of how the film will best convey the story behind your business and you as the business owner. I will listen, and guide you through the process so that together we come up with the best possible way to make a film that reflects your branding and who you are as a business owner. You may decide that the best way for a film to support your business is with you just providing the narration or me quietly working ‘behind the scenes’ as you work. I will give you the benefit of my experience in film work to help you decide what the best format is for your film.  Supporting you all the way and making myself available to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have whilst carefully guiding you through the process. I will chat to you about what to expect on the day of your shoot for your film  and will listen to you and what you want to achieve from the film aswell as your creative ideas as to how the film will reflect your business. When you’re making such a smart investment into your business you’ll know you’re in safe hands!

During your shoot, I will gently direct you through the whole process. Whether it’s helping you with your narrative or testimonials from clients, to what to wear on the day of your shoot. If you’ve chosen to focus on client testimonials or ‘behind the scenes’ film then I will make your clients feel totally at ease. I pride myself on knowing what questions to ask.

I know that everyone is very excited about seeing their film. And this is when the magic happens! I will take all the raw footage from our time together and will carefully select and professionally edit all the footage and create a marketing film for you with fully licensed music.

Once you’ve had a chance to see the first edit of your film, we will have a further chat about any edits that will add further polish to your film.


Not only can I help you with a marketing film for your business, but if you’re needing photography that clearly defines your brand, I also create photographs for you to use for all your marketing including social media and your website. I’ve worked with businesses from the Quantox Hills in Somerset to  the jungle in Bali! With such a diverse client group, I pride myself on being able to give my clients exactly what is needed to bring something unique and brand worthy to their marketing material.





  • As every business and their owners are different, each of my clients has a bespoke package put together based on my Basic Package which is £995 and includes:
  • Prior to the shoot, as many discussions as needed to make sure that we both have a clear ‘storyboard’ behind the film that I’m going to create for you.
  • A days ‘on location’ filming. (t&C’s apply for distance etc. Please contact me for details.)
  • Interview with you as the business owner.
  • All footage professionally edited.
  • Fully licensed music included in the film.
  • A professionally and carefully edited film, up to 3 minutes long for use on your website.

Just to let you know…

With the experience I have, I know that no two business owners are the same, particularly the smart business owners who come to me for a film! That’s why no two films, or how they’re created and priced is the same. That’s why I’m more than happy to put together bespoke prices for all my clients. To become a smart business onwer who is one step ahead in the marketing their business, you can contact me at:


“Belinda is just beautiful, inside and out, she is calm and relaxed, she really ‘got’ everything I wanted to share. She was funny, open, authentic and completely real. Everything was so easy, she wasn’t invasive at all in anyone’s process which is absolutely vital for a retreat like ours. I cannot recommend Belinda enough – I love her!”


Lynette Allen, Medicine Woman and founder of A Woman’s Blessing

“Belinda Grant immediately put me at ease and had such a great idea for the content of my film. We were doing a piece for the About me section of my new website. Binnie has a real eye for composition and her videos are beautifullly shot. She is also lovely to just be around – Very empathetic and fun to be with.

We ended up with a total of five mini documentaries, interviewing former clients and shooting me doing a couple of photo shoots. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Highly recommended.”

Emily Fairweather – award winning Photographer

“Belinda recently spend the morning with my staff taking headshots and then ‘action’ shots to create an amazing portfolio of pictures for our new website and also created a corporate video. She made everyone feel at ease and the end products are fabulous photos and videos to use in our future growth and promotion. Highly recommended.”

Liz Baalham – Director of Stour Sort & Sparkle