Always in pursuit of an opportunity to learn I had the exciting experience of attending Richard Wakefieldshttps://richard-wakefield.co.uk/ ‘Film + Edit Workshop’ last weekend. With a handful of others I watched and learnt as Richard created a promo film for the model Erin Williams. The location? The fabulous Loft Studio in Colchesterhttps://visittheloft.co.uk/ which I fell in love with earlier this year when I booked it for a shoot.

As film is such a passion of mine, I decided to create a film of the behind the scenes of Richards workshop to show case how I love creating films for businesses to boost their marketing potential. With competition for businesses at a real high, the importance of film on a business website has never been greater.

So here is my film that I’ve created showcasing Richard and Erin at work in the fabulous Loft studio in Colchester.

If you have a business that needs a marketing boost to make you stand out from your competitors now is the time to get a film made. As each clients needs are different, I offer a bespoke service depending on what you need for your business. So if you’re ready to push your business forward, I be happy to chat about how I can help you https://www.belindagrantphotography.co.uk/contact/.

I hope you enjoy it! x

Here are a few film grabs for you as well:

Film of Erin Williams

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