As a Suffolk family photographer, I’m always looking for new ways to capture the true soul of each unique family that I work with. During a family photo shoot there are so many different and wonderful moments that I find myself happily pressing my shutter every few seconds!

Recently, a mum told me that she loved taking video footage of her children but it was certainly a long way off from being a professionally composed and edited piece of film! She told me she was frustrated that she had such wonderful professional shots from me but she would love a video of similar high quality with the whole family in (usually she’s the one behind the video camera!) and asked me if I would be able to make a film for them in their home.

Well you can imagine how excited I was! I explained to her that making a video of the family would be no more intrusive than doing a photoshoot. The capabilitites of DSLR cameras these days is incredible and with my creative experience from doing a still family photo shoot, I knew I could give to her and her family a wonderful piece of film. Not only would I be spending another photo shoot with this gorgeous family, but I’d be able to capture the ‘flow’ of their family life. Capturing how the childrens little hands moved, the special way that they dance and use the space around the house, the wonderful way in which they interact with eachother and of course their gorgeous little voices bringing words to life in their own special way.

So just to give you a  sneaky peak of a family video shoot, I’ve made a short film of MY family. Having these films is so special and a joy to give to the families that I work with.

So if you’d like to book a family photo shoot or a film of your family life then click here and we can have a chat!