Four months ago I was fortunate enough to spend 3 days on the Sussex coast with a wonderful group of photographers. No, it wasn’t some sort of geeky convention for those of us who love our work and staying in some dreary conference centre, it was The Delight Photography Business Retreat  in the beautiful Florence House.

The course had been put together by the very talented Vicki Knights who is one of the countries leading family photographers. She had also brought along with her, her ‘right-hand woman’ Tamsin Holland who helped keep the course running to plan!

Vicki greeted us on the first day as if we had known her forever and during the time we were there, she shared her wealth of knowledge about establishing a successful photography business. It was clear that Vicki has an exceptional talent for business and her enthusiasm was infectious and never faded during my time with her.

The course content was substantial! Vicki covered so much in the three days including branding and marketing, two photo shoots and 1-2-1 sessions. It was a fantastic opportunity to be on a shoot with other photographers and the shots from the shoot were really interesting as they all showed our own unique style of photography. Vicki also very generously took a professional headshot of all of us, which were lovely despite the driving wind and rain!

Vicki had chosen the wonderful venue Florence House in East Sussex which we had totally to ourselves for the three days. We were so well looked after. There was amazing food (I had to ask the chef for his sticky toffee pudding recipe…it was the best I’d ever tasted!) and every evening after Vicki had worked us hard, there was prosecco by a log fire. Not something I’ve ever been offered when I’ve been on a course!

How has this course changed my business?

Since we all met last year, Vicki keeps us all in touch via a unique Facebook page. It’s great for us all to stay in touch and be a support to one another in this very competitive market.  Not only have I met a wonderful group of people but Vicki’s enthusiasm for being successful has stayed with me. I now have a much clearer understanding of where I am, where I want to go and how I’m going to get there!

My only regret about The Delight Photography Business Retreat?

I just wish that it had been longer!!! This was the best course I’ve ever attended and I’m trying to convince Vicki to get us all together again not only to talk photography but also for a few more glasses of prosecco!

Thank you so much Vicki Knights.