As a seventies baby, my parents used film camera and were very diligent about printing (Bonusprint and Trueprint…remember those names?) and then filing them neatly in drawers all labelled with jam making stickers with the year and the location. My first camera was a disc camera (I still have some of the photos!) and I slowly graduated to a ‘big’ camera. A pentax….. As I’ve grown up and now being a mother of 2 in the digital age, those photos stuffed in the drawers have become increasingly special to me. My parents would each take turns in being in the photo and there are only a handful with all 5 of us in them. Despite all the tantrums and fights when I catch a glimpse of my two children playing quietly and truly connecting, I can’t help but get my camera out and yes, I still find myself behind the camera most of the time, but I want to give my children some memories of us as a ‘complete’ family so that’s why I book a family photo shoot.


Because this is where I can help you. I like to put YOU in the picture and in this age of cameras on phones, selfies and limitless storage, it’s even more precious to have a family photographer capture your ‘complete’ family as well as capturing the unique spirit of all your children and the relationships they have with you and each other and give you a beautiful collection of photographs. By investing in a family shoot, you’re making an investment into your childrens future and the generations to follow. The other reason I love this job is I get to work with you. The amazing families that I get to meet and be part of their lives. It’s not often you get invited to share some amazing moments with people and see the incredible bonds between them; it feels like a total privilege.


I love working with natural light. Whether it be a glorious warm spring morning or a glowing autumn afternoon working with natural light can transform a location even when working in your home. The natural light coming through a window can bring some wonderful opportunities for some special and emotive photographs. No one likes a stranger coming into their home, so I spend time with my families. Getting to know them with a cuppa and the children showing me around their house before I even get my camera out allows the family time to get to know me and feel at ease with me and then I just let the magic happen! Making each shoot a unique experience. My work has been described as natural, charming and expressive. Have a quick sneeky peek at my portfolio to check out some of my shots.


I’m a mum to Toby 8, Hannah 6 and wife to my Skipper, Nick. We’re surrounded by glorious countryside so I love having animals. Ducks, chickens, a cat and Pippa the totally devoted cocker spaniel. I’d really like a couple of goats and a donkey but my husbands put his foot down! If I’m not building Lego, cooking spaghetti bolognaise, walking the dog or dancing in the kitchen you’ll find me watching the sun go down with a passion fruit martini or having a sneeky lunch out with my sister in Carluccios….everyone deserves a day off!

I hope this have helped you decide if I’m the photographer for you.


Here are some of my social media pictures to give you just  bit more of a feel of who I am.

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