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School Photography-with no white backdrop

School Photography-with no white backdrop

As a parent I understand the importance of capturing as many moments of their childhood as you can during their school years. I know that some of my first memories are of my time spent at a local nursery and I can just about remember the room that we used to paint and draw in and the room we used to have a sleep in after lunch! But I do wish that I had some photos of my time at that nursery. The place where the foundations of my learning and life experience began as well as some less formal photos. And now as a mother of two, I’m going through the annual event of school photographs. Not only am I disappointed by how little atmosphere they capture but one of the first things parents say to me once they’ve got the pictures back of their children, is that they’re disappointed by how bland they are and that they don’t show their child’s personality.

School photographer

That oh so familiar white backdrop!

Yes, my parents did get a couple of the ‘official’ shots that both my nursery and schools had done. I think more out of duty and an ‘official’ record of my time there. You’ll know  what I’m talking about if your child’s school offers to organise photographs. The photographer sets up a rather uninteresting backdrop in one of a few shades of grey to white then with lights shining into the children’s faces, they pose them and get them to put on their best smile.  The results? Some rather awkward poses, with fixed smiles and a photograph that barely shows the unique personality of your child and certainly doesn’t include any of their surroundings. The photograph could’ve been taken anywhere!

Using the School to set the Scene

So I wanted to offer something different as a photographer to the nurseries and schools in my area. Working closely with the wonderful team at The Barn School in Essex, I started to develop a unique way of capturing the school years for the children.  No paper backdrops and creating connections with each and every one of the children so that I could capture their amazing personalities.

Suffolk school photographer Belinda Grant Photography

Essex school photographer Belinda Grant photography

Yes, I make sure that I have a photo of each child with the nursery or school as a backdrop but also I take the time to be around the children to capture them ‘in the moment’. Just being themselves. This produces some of my favourite school photos.

Essex pre-school photographer Belinda Grant PhotographySuffolk pre school photographer Belinda Grant PhotographySuffolk family photographer Belinda Grant PhotographyEssex family photographer Belinda Grant Photographybury st edmunds family photographer Belinda Grant PhotographySuffolk childrens photographer Belinda Grant photographyEssex childrens photographer Belinda Grant photographycolchester family photographer belinda grant photographyPre-school photographer belinda grant photographyChidrens photographer belinda grant photography

Making it Different

Children change massively year on year especially in the school years. So to avoid offering the parents the same style of photograph each year, I make sure that I come up with a different style of photograph each year. For example, this year when I visited a nursery school to discuss how we would get the photographs of the children, I spotted an amazing field of buttercups right next door to the school. Even though I wasn’t due to take the photos for a couple of weeks, I couldn’t miss the opportunity of using the buttercups for the shoot. So with a bit of juggling with the diary, we managed to bring the shoot forwards and got some amazing shots.

Cambridge School photographer Belinda Grant PhotographySuffolk family photographer belinda grant photographyessex family photographer belinda grant photographycolchester school photographer belinda grant photographysuffolk childrens photographer belinda grant photographySuffolk family photographer belinda grant photography

I also provide head shots for staff at nurseries and schools. These can provide a fabulous display so that both children and parents can recognise all members of staff. And if you’re in need of new photographs or a promotional video for your website then I am happy to discuss your needs and we can work together to give you the photographs you need.

professional headshots belinda grant photography

Just to show you the response I’ve had, here is a testimonial of how happy a nursery manager was with how I worked with them:

Belinda captured the inner spirit and sheer beauty of each and every little soul – the photos speak for themselves. What the pictures don’t tell you is that her manner with the children was truly beautiful. The children felt at ease in her presence so the magic flowed.

A huge thank you to all the gorgeous children in these pictures. You never fail to bring a smile to my face!

School Photographer Belinda Grant Photography

To see more of my school images, go to my website and check out the nursery and schools page.

So if you’re a parent and fed up with the same old posed shots or a school manager looking to offer truly beautiful and unique photographs of your children then I’d love to hear from you:

Contact me:

Here is a short video of the wonderful children and staff at The Barn Nursery School:

Autumn family photoshoot in Suffolk

Autumn photography for your family

Autumn photography for your family

October is here and the long hot days of summer seem like they were an age ago. As much as summer may be an obvious time to take family photographs with its long sunny days, brilliant blue skies and days at the beach, autumn photography brings something special to your family photographs like no other season.

autumn photography belinda grant photography family photographer suffolk

What might seem to be a season of the misty, dreary days with little or no colour is actually one of the best times to book your family photographer. What this season brings with it is warm colours, glowing light and glorious backdrops that at first glance may seem that they are just the tail-ends of summer but once you get some soft light, you have something truly magical that only autumn photography brings.

Autumn photography Belinda Grant Photography

So though you may be putting your camera away after your summer holiday, now is the time to go outside with your family and find that soft glowing light and take some photographs. One of the great things about family autumn photography is not only the glow and the warm colours, but that it’s not too cold so children are more than happy to be outside playing in the leaves and collecting conkers and returning home for a hot chocolate!

autumn photography belinda grant suffolk family photographer


So grab your camera before you give it a rest after the summer and then hunt for it for the run up to Christmas and head out. Or better still, get in touch for your autumn family photo shoot.

So here are a few photos I took of my children in a field just 5 minutes from our house. The field appeared to be full of just dark brown grass that was dying off for the winter. But as the sun went down, the autumn magic started to happen.

autumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographerautumn photography Belinda Grant suffolk family photographerautumn photography suffolk family photographer

autumn photography suffolk family photographer